Week 7

Day 1


1) Muscle snatch: Work up to a 1 RM.

2) Block snatch: 5 rounds – Every 90 seconds, complete:

-3x snatch from the blocks (73% 1 RM snatch)

*Set up the blocks so that the bar is placed at knee - mid-thigh.

3) Snatch Balance: Work up to a 3 RM, then using the same weight:

-5 rounds: EMOM, perform, 1x snatch balance with 3 second pause in receiving position.

Work Capacity: 5 rounds (15 minutes) – EMOM, perform:

-Minute 1 = 3x back squat (80-85% 1 RM)

-Minute 2 = 20m prowler push (AHAP)

-Minute 3 = Max rep unbroken strict HSPU (If you get to less than 10 reps/round, then go to kipping HSPU)

*If you are at more than 10 reps a round, then go to a 8″/4″ deficit.

Core: 3 rounds:

-12x Reverse hyper (AHAP)

-Rest 60-90 seconds

-15x weighted GHD sit ups (20#/14#)

-Rest 60-90 seconds

Day 2


1)  Block clean (Mid-thigh): 5 rounds – Every 2 minutes, complete:

-3x clean from the blocks (73% 1 RM clean)

*Set up the blocks so that the bar is placed at knee - mid-thigh.

2) Push/pull: 5 rounds (10 minutes) – EMOM, perform:

-Odd minute: 5x unbroken shoulder to overhead (AHAP)

-Even minute: 2x rope climbs, legless (if possible)

3) 5 position clean halting deadlift: 5 rounds – Every 3 minutes, complete:

-1x clean halting deadlift with a 3 second pause at the following positions (1″ off the deck, 1″ below the knee, 1″ above the knee, mid-thigh/pockets, high hang). Perform the same pattern on the way down, pausing at each of the position for 3 seconds.

*Increase the weight each round by feel. Do not compromise positions for load.

Work Capacity: Complete the following for time:

-100x 2-arm KB swing (2x53#/2x35#)

-75x box jump overs (24in/20in)

-50x burpees

-25x front squat (155#/115#)

Day 3


1: Warm up, then: 10 rounds – Every 2 minutes, complete:

-1x power clean + push jerk + 1x power clean + split jerk (Work up to a max for the day)

*Do not TnG these reps, treat each rep like a single.

2: Front squat: 10 rounds – Every 60 seconds, perform:

-1x front squat (Work up to a max for the day. If you miss, you are done. I’m not looking for volume here, just to work up to a quick MTR)

Work Capacity: Complete the following for time:

-2,000m row

*Rest 3 minutes, then:

-1,000m row

*Rest 2 minutes, then:

-500m row

Core: Myofascial release/maintenance.

Day 4


CrossFit Total: Establish a 1 RM in each of the following lifts:

1) Back squat

2) Press

3) Deadlift

Work Capacity: Complete as many rounds as necessary until you reach 50 OHS of:

-Run 400m

-max rep unbroken overhead squat (135#/95#)