Week 6

Day 1


1: Power snatch – 10 minutes to work up to a 1 RM.

2: 10 rounds – Every 30 seconds, perform:

-3x power snatch @ 60-70% 1 RM power snatch

3: Back squat: 65%x 3 reps, 75%x3 reps, 80%x 3 reps, 85%x 3 reps, 90%x 3+ reps.

*For all percentages this week, go off of the same number you did last week, which should be a 10# increase to your 1 RM from the first 4 weeks of the Wendler cycle we did starting 6 weeks ago. If you have recently tested your 1 rep max in these movements and have a good base line, take the percentages off of 90% 1 RM.

Work Capacity: In 12 minutes, complete the following:

-Row 2,000m

-Max rep ground to overhead (155#/105#)

Core: 3 rounds:

-20x hollow rock

-rest 90 seconds

-12x Reverse hyper (AHAP)

-rest 90 seconds

Day 2


1: Hang clean + jerk: 5 rounds – Every 2:30, complete:

 - 3x hang clean + 1x jerk.

*Start at a moderate weight and work up to a max for the day. The jerk is done after the 3rd hang clean.

2: Push press: 65%x 3 reps, 75%x3 reps, 80%x 3 reps, 85%x 3 reps, 90%x 3+ reps.

Work Capacity: Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

-Run, Ski Erg or Row 200m

-max rep strict chin ups

-max rep strict ring dips

Conditioning (Optional): Complete 6 rounds of:

-1x 400m sprint

-3 minutes rest

Day 3


1: Front squat: Work up to a max for the day in 10 reps or less.

*Warm up, then rep scheme should look something like 3-2-1-1-1-1-1.

2: 10 minutes – EMOM, perform:

-Odd minute: 3x snatch with no foot movement. This is a bit different than what we teach but run with it. Your starting and receiving stance should stay consistent.  Work up to a max for the day.

-Even minute: 10m handstand walk

Work Capacity: Complete 5 rounds for time:

-2x rope climb

-4x front squat (225#/155#). Take from the floor and scale as needed so it’s hard, but doable.

-6x tire flip (AHAP)

*If you do not have access to a tire, perform stone to shoulders or a strongman movement of your choice.

Core: For time:

-400m farmers carry (2x 70# KB/2x 53# KB)

Day 4


1: Front rack walking lunge - perform:

-1x max weight 20m front rack walking lunge.

*You have 10 minutes to warm up and play around with different weights, but only do the 20m max for 1 set.  If you must, error on the heavy side.

3: Deadlift: 65%x 3 reps, 75%x3 reps, 80%x 3 reps, 85%x 3 reps, 90%x 3+ reps.

Work Capacity: For as many rounds as possible, every 3 minutes, complete the following:

-Row 250m

-2x KB clean to overhead (2x 53#/2x 35#)

*After each round/3 min AMRAP, add 2 reps to the KB clean to overhead. When you are unable to complete the prescribed number of reps in the 3 minutes, you are done.

Conditioning (Optional): For time:

-Run 5k

Day 5


“Mock weightlifting meet”

1: Snatch – You have 20 minutes to warm up to a pre-determined starting attempt. Once the 20 minutes is up, you have 3 attempts in the snatch to establish a max for the day.

*Rest 10 minutes, then:

2: Clean and jerk: Same protocol as the snatch.

3: Bench press: 65%x 3 reps, 75%x3 reps, 80%x 3 reps, 85%x 3 reps, 90%x 3+ reps.

Work Capacity: “Karen”. Complete the following for time:

-150x wallball (20#/14#)

*Kicker: Each time that you break, immediately perform a 20m heavy prowler push.