Week 3



1: Back squat: Complete 8 sets of:

-3x back squats (Increase weight each set so the 8th set is hard, but doable)

-Superset with 3x max height seated box jump

Work Capacity: Complete the following for time:

-1x mile run (timed trial)

-50x DB squat snatch, alternating (35#/25#)

*This workout will be broken into 2 scores: Mile run and total time. Use the mile run as a timed trial and push it to threshold pace. If it takes you out of the game for the 50 DB snatches, so be it.

Core: 3 rounds:

-20x DB bent over row, 10R/10L (AHAP)

-rest 60 seconds

-10x evil wheels

-rest 60 seconds

-5x pause ring dips (3 second pause in bottom position)

-rest as needed



1: Hang clean + clean and jerk: 10 rounds- Every 2 minutes, compete:

-1x hang clean + 1x clean + 1x jerk (work up to a max for the day)

*The second clean from the floor does not have to be touch and go. The jerk is only performed after the second clean.

2: 5 rounds (10 minutes)- EMOM, perform:

-Odd minute = 8-10x DB bench press (AHAP)

-Even minute = max rep weighted chin ups (35#/25#)

WORK CAPACITY: “AMRAP DT” – Complete AMRAP in 12 minutes of:

-12x deadlift (155#/105#)

-9x hang power clean (155#/105#)

-6x push jerk (155#/105#)

*Goal is to finish at least 5 rounds.


-50x banded good morning


Work Capacity: Complete the following ladder for time:

-1,000-100: Row (meters)

-1-10: Squat snatch (135#/95#)

*The protocol for this is like your typical CF style ladder workout. First round, you will row 1,000m then perform 1x squat snatch. The second round will consist of a 900m row and 2x squat snatches. Each round you will work your way down the row ladder by 100m, and work your way up the snatch ladder by 1 rep each round. So, the last (10th) set will be a 100m row followed by 10x squat snatch. Enjoy!



1: Front squat: Complete 8 sets of:

-3x Front squats (Increase weight each set so the 8th set is hard, but doable)

-Superset with 6x single leg squats

Work Capacity: Complete 5 rounds for time of:

-10m front rack walking lunge (135#/95#)

-10x handstand push up

*Immediately after completing the 5 rounds, your cash out/finish is:

Complete the following for time:

-400m prowler push (empty/light)

Core: 3 rounds:

-10x weighted back extensions (AHAP)

-rest 90 seconds

-20x weighted sit ups (AHAP)

-rest as needed



1: Snatch balance: 10 rounds- Every 60 seconds, compete:

-1x snatch balance (Pause for 3 seconds in receiving position). Work up to a max triple for the day.

2: Power snatch: Work up to a 1 RM (10 minute time cap).

3:  10 rounds – EMOM, complete

-3x power snatch (70%) + 20m shuttle sprint (10m x 2)

Work Capacity: Complete the following for time:

-100x overhead squat (75#/55#)

*Anytime the bar leaves the overhead position, immediately perform 10x toes to bar.

Core: 3 rounds:

-5x snatch grip Romanian deadlift (AHAP)

-Rest as needed