MEET Team burgener x

Beau Burgener

He is our visionary. The driving force for innovative ideas, business growth, support and execution. A Burgener by name and ethic, he is obsessed with finding new and exciting ways to transform and drive all areas of our services and mission. The go-to for our bigger picture and purpose.

I am Beau Burgener, an adventure enthusiast. I am obsessed with those I cannot consume...the forces that are larger than myself. The forces that are oblivious to my tantrums, moods and feelings. My vocation is teaching and leading. Lead by smart action and follow under strong leadership. Be the example. Earn this life every day.

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The quintessential people person. Communication, creative and sass runs deep in her DNA. She builds our narrative through our social content, services and products. Her Burgener legacy fuels her relentless passion to lead, teach and serve.

Sage Burgener…theatrics are high with that one, a common phrase used when describing who I am. I am passionate, loud, sometimes “a tough pill to swallow” and ridiculously “extra” in all that I do. Whether it’s through coaching, writing or mindful conversation, I live for human connection. With that connection, I hope to radiate what I feel this life is all about: willingness to be vulnerable and willingness to sit in a constant state of unabashed self-awareness… all so one can obtain his or her truest, highest potential. My skin has hardened from the storms I’ve weathered, but my soul has blossomed, and I know I’m not special in feeling that way. There are people who feel a little lost... uncertain in who they are, but certain that they’re meant for more. Give me those people. Those are my people. We will thrive together.



The pioneer for all things culture. She thrives in combining the creative with the operational, execution is everything. The self-proclaimed ‘team hype woman’, her mission, to drive our Burgener Strength culture, brand and services.

I am Sophie Kavanagh and I live passionately. Always on the search. Not content with the middle, I dream audaciously, equally willing to roll up my sleeves and graft. Seeking a deeper understanding for what makes people tick, drives my pursuit to reach and serve people on a personal and macro level. By nature, I am a whirlwind, a creative, a wild one. However, I am obsessed with developing the counter, strategies that help not only me, but others in their quest to match their ambitions with their execution. Optimism wins. Connection is vital. Happiness is everything.



Our operations ninja. The go to for our internal and external communications. He is the balance between all agendas and projects, across all platforms. With an innate ability to keep his cool, even in the most pressured situations, he sets the flow for all concepts and guides them to completion.

I'm Pedro, a believer, an enthusiast for his own roots, a normal guy that likes to be shined and warmed by the light that comes from above. I love and live to give through humility and service, constantly trying to go beyond my limits and use that experience to lead and coach people to surpass their own frailties. My happy place is the mountain and being surrounded by the most important people in the world to me. For me happiness is not the end but instead one of the paths that leads to completeness and purpose.

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Our Superstar digital content producer. From short form Instagram videos, to long form YouTube content, he is a storyteller, filmmaker. He is obsessed with the visual and audio creative, a beautiful blend of art and tech. Our Burgener Strength culture is connected to the world through his ability to stitch the story together.

I am Leandro Liberal. An extreme sport enthusiast that lives life on the edge! Adrenaline junkie, with a soft spot for human connection. Photographer and Filmmaker, with a sneaky eye to capture moments in their most natural form. Since a young age I have had this dream of making people the best version of themselves, and with Burgener Strength I am one step closer to that goal. Love life, love nature, love the unknown and most important love people. You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Surround yourself with positive and positive things will happen. Live Your Best Life. #LYBL