MONDAY, 15 JULY, 2019


100 calories on bike, rower or ski erg.

60 sec plank +25 ab mat sit ups+25 leg lifts+15 evil wheels x 2 rounds!


choose 4 exercises that you feel comfortable with performing: my exercises will be: ball slams, kb swings, trap bar deadlift (60 kg), air squats.

work 60 seconds each exercise while rotating to the next exercise taking 60 seconds. in essence you are working 60 seconds, resting 60 seconds while traveling to the next exercise. complete 4 rounds.

exercise 1 x 60 seconds (ball slams)

rest 60 seconds (travel)

exercise 2 x 60 seconds (air squats)

rest 60 seconds (travel)

exercise 3 x 60 seconds (kb swings)

rest 60 seconds (travel)

exercise 4 x 60 secondS (trap bar deadlift)


3 rounds of the 5 exercises performing 15 reps of each exercise.


60 seconds hard x 90 seconds rest x 200 calories. you will have to keep record of how many rounds it takes you to get to the 200 calories. i would guess for me it would take 15 rounds.