FRIDAY, 28 JUNE, 2019

buy in:

100 calories on either the bike, rower, ski erg

1 min of planks,

25 evil wheels

1 min of planks

20 evil wheels

1 min of planks

15 evil wheels

WORKOUT: SCALED ANGIE. (afap) as fast as possible.

choose 4 exercises that you can do with proper form and complete 100 reps of each exercise. for example angie is: 100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 ab mat sit ups, 100 air squats. if you cannot do pull ups then substitute ring rows or lat pull downs. push ups one may have to use their knees or do the push up on a bench. you get the idea….scale according to your ability and needs.

cool down:

100 calories on either of the concept 2 ergs….bike, row, or ski.