WEDNESDAY: DAY 2....JUNE 19, 2019

buy in:

100 calories on either the bike, rower, ski erg

1 min of planks+25 evil wheels.

1 min of planks+20 evil wheels.

1 min of planks+15 evil wheels

remember evil wheels are also know as ab rollers.


AMRAP 20 MIN — SCALED CINDY. scale according to ones needs.

5 PULL UPS (one can use ring rows or lat pull downs. the number then is 15)

10 PUSH UPS (one might have to do bench push ups or knee push ups)

15 AIR SQUATS.(one might have to hold on to something while squatting or as some of our geezers do is sit to a bench, raise their feet 1” of the ground then stand)

REHAB WORK: we use bands for these 4 exercises. all geezers use these for their shoulders. we have found it helps our aging shoulders build strength. begin with 1 set of all 25 reps of each exercise which equals 100 total reps.

  1. exercise one: with the band wrapped around a post stand tall with arms extended. squeeze the shoulders then pull back to pecs. 25 reps

  2. exercise two: exercise one +tricep push down. coaching point: squeeze, pull, tricep push down repeat 25 reps.

  3. tricep pumps: with arms straight down to 2” in front of waist, pump arms back to 1” behinds bumper. pump fast.

  4. band curls: standing on a very light band do 25 arm curls.