Tuesday Week 7 - Day 2


Three sets:

Tempo DB Thruster 6 seconds down, 6 seconds up x 4 reps. 

Banded Hip Circls x 10 each leg, counter clockwise and clockwise circles. Place band right above knees while on your hands and knees and complete hips circles. 

Double Arm KB flutter kicks x 30 seconds.


1) Strict Press: 5,4,3,2,1. Work up to a heavy single for th day. 

2) Push press: 4x2. only count your working sets. Work up to a heavy double.  

3) 2 POS clean (Below Knee, floor)+ jerk (2+ 1) x 5 working sets. Go from the top down on the below the knee. 

4) Clean Pulls : 3x3 @ 95% of best clean.