Monday week 6 -Day 1

Movement Prep

3 sets:

Goblet Hold Reverse Lunge + Lateral Lunge x (5x5) each leg.

Face Down DB Row on Bench x10

Banded Weighted (barbell) Glute Bridges (hold one second at the top) ( Start with back on the bench)


Snatch Push Press + Pause Over head Squat: (5+1) x 3 working sets.

Snatch Balance: Work up to a. heavy. double for. the day.

Snatch Deadlift + Below The Knee Snatch + Snatch (1+1+1) x 3 Sets.

Snatch deadlift + Snatch: (1+1) x3 Sets.

In The Hole Front Squats: 4x3. Work uo to a challenging set. *In between sets perform 3 tall box jumps.