Friday Week 5 - Day 5

Movement Prep:

3 sets: 

-Double KB walking lunge x 14 steps

-Banded Pull Apart (Palms up) x 15

-1 OHS + 1 Sots Press x 5 reps (PVC Pipe)


1. Pause Snatch Balance: 3,3,2,2,1,1. Work up to a challenging weight. Pause for two seconds in the bottom of each rep. 

2. Pause Rack Jerk (Once you recover your jerk, you’ll hold the bar overhead for 5 slow seconds before reracking the barbell): 5 working sets. I want you to pick a heavyish weight that you can hit for 5 singles. 

3. Pause Snatches from Blocks (bar should be right above the knee. Pause in receive for two seconds before standing): 5x2 

4. Snatch Deadlift: 3x3 @ 100% of best snatch