What is Geezer Training?

Below are the geezer training groups: if you are between the ages:

-50-59 you are a geezer in training.

-60-64: you are a geezer.

-65-69: you are a stud geezer.

-70-74: you are a super stud geezer

-75+: you are a day to day geezer.

Geezers train 3 days per week, usually Mon-Wed-Friday. Our workouts are self scaled which simply means you do what you can with the parameters that are defined. we believe in constantly varied, functional movements performed at the intensity in which one can handle. My goal is to post training 3 days per week. The off days you are on your own….this geezer usually walks from 3-5 miles at the beach and uses bands doing various shoulder rehab movements. A typical training day for the geezers would resemble something like this:

Buy in:

-100 calories on either the bike, rower, ski erg

-2 min of planks

-25 evil wheels.


-Various workouts will be posted


-Geezer’s choice

Additional info:

After you see the workouts and you need clarification you can contact me directly either by:

-E-mail: mikeburgener@mac.com, or:

-Text: 760-535-1835

If you have a favorite workout that you have completed and you are a geezer as outlined above please share!!! I will take a look at all workouts and see if geezers at Mikes Gym and Burgener Strength can complete. Noteworthy workouts will be posted and the designer will be given credit. Who knows maybe posted workouts could earn a geezer t-shirt!!

Have fun!!! Keep moving!!!